Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Michelle Rhee is Shameless by Diane Ravitch

You can read the original posting at Diane Ravitch's Blog
A reader sent it to me, and I relented.
It is disgusting.
It is a lie.
It smears America.
It smears our teachers and our students.
It makes fun of obesity.
A few facts:
1) the US was never first on international tests. When the first test was given in 1964 (a test of math), our students came in 11th out of 12.
2) On the latest international tests, students in American schools with low poverty (10% or less) came in FIRST in the world
3) As poverty goes up in American schools, test scores go down.
4) The U.S. has the highest child poverty rate–23%– of any advanced nation in the world.
Michelle Rhee says nothing about poverty, which is the most direct correlate of low test scores.
She is shameless.

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